Let the Positive Energy flow with Feng Shui On Line Zoom Workshop 6th February 2021 10am-3pm

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Start your Feng Shui journey with this informative workshop which takes place in a home setting and allows you to get a feel of Feng Shui in action. You will be inspired into making simple changes in your home that may help to improve your health, relationships & prosperity.

You will learn how influences such as clutter, Geopathic Stress, Electro-magnetic fields and negative energies in your environment may be stopping you from getting on with your life and affecting the Feng Shui of your home.

You will find out where your life areas are using the compass Bagua and learn how to support them using the elements, colour, artwork, cures, enhancements and much more.

This is a great opportunity to gain an understanding of this wonderful subject and guide you towards living in harmony with your environment.

This workshop will include

How to place the Bagua onto the plan of your home using compass method

Finding out your priorities and which areas to work on

Importance of clearing clutter

What is Geopathic Stress? How does it affect Feng Shui of the home and our health? How can you deal with it?

Electro-Magnetic Fields – How they affect us,, what steps you can take to minimise exposure

Space Clearing techniques and the importance of clearning negative energies from your home

Yin & Yang

Introduction to the 5 elements

Feng Shui tips, cures and enhancements for life areas

The workshop is via zoom and has a maximum of 8 spaces to ensure question and answer time for each student to enquire about any particular areas useful to their own particular needs.

This workshop is divided into two  sessions along with regular breaks to ensure everyone is comfortable with this style of learning.


You must supply an accurate floor plan of your home and know the compass direction that your front door faces. If you need help with this please ask for instructions on how to do this.

Jackie will then overlay the compass Bagua onto your floorplan for the purpose of this workshop and return this to you prior to the workshop so you can use your floor plan as a reference to locate your life areas.

Your floorplan must be accurate and clear in dark ink, not pencil as you will obtain better results when Jackie will add the Bagua to it and return it to you ready for the workshop.  Sometimes you may be able to obtain a floor plan of your property from an estate agent. If you require an example floor plan to get an idea of what is required please let Jackie know.  You will also need to mark on the plan bed, sitting and cooker & sink positions.

For more information and to book a place please email [email protected] or phone 07790232086