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Chi Energy

About Chi Energy

Feng Shui is about manipulating and balancing the flow of Chi energy so it moves freely. This will make the atmosphere bright, fully charged and uplifting.

Money Plant

Chi energy flows into our homes through windows and doors. A fundamental principle of Feng Shui is that the home is an accurate reflection of our lives and therefore Chi energy that is moving too fast or stagnating in the home or office means that some area of our life or business will be affected.

Clutter is the biggest obstacle to a smooth flow of Chi because it creates a blockage that prevents it from manoeuvring. If the house or work place is cluttered the Chi will circulate sluggishly around. The stagnation will in turn affect the occupants or staff making them feel confused, sick or stuck in a rut.

On the other hand if the energy within the home or working environment moves too fast this can make people feel under pressure and therefore more likely to act impetuously. Also Chi that moves too fast from the front to the back of the house is often associated with losing wealth (money coming in but going straight out again).

Chi is an invisible life force or energy that flows through all things. It is an energy that is more subtle than electric, magnetic and thermo-nuclear energies.

Clearing Clutter

Your Chi connections with cherished items are like beautiful golden silk strands.  With physical and emotional clutter, they are like black heavy balls and chains.  Cutting the balls and chains will enable you to move forward into the future making you feel lighter and less burdened.
Understanding why we collect clutter is an important first step in letting go of it.  Clutter can be defined as anything which is not:-

  • Genuinely useful
  • Genuinely cherished of loved
  • Orderly

Only you can decide if something is genuinely useful or loved.  It is how you perceive it.
Blockages of Chi in the home reflect the blockages in your own body and in your life which will significantly affect your well-being.

By clearing clutter in your home or business environment you can radically transform the atmosphere and bring new opportunities in.

Top Ten Tips for Clearing Clutter

  1. Clearing clutter from your home will take time.  It is important not to rush at clearing the whole house at once.  Start when you are ready and take it slowly.  Just by clearing out one drawer you will feel your energy lift.
  2. Having lots of clutter makes you feel tired.  Clearing clutter releases energy and you will feel better both in mind, body and spirit.
  3. Your home (or workplace) is a mirror of you.  Don’t hold yourself back by hanging onto things “just in case”.
  4. Clear clutter out of your junk room.  This area may be affecting a certain aspect of your life.
  5. Clutter Clearing is important before putting into place any Feng Shui cures.  If you don’t clear the clutter you may make your problems worse.
  6. If something is broken, fix it or throw it out!
  7. Clear the clutter from your wardrobes.  Only keep your favourite things and in the future only buy things that you really love.  If your look good – you will feel good.
  8. Clutter also lurks in corridors and behind doors.  Be sure and thorough.
  9. Clear your desk!  If you have mountains of paperwork you could feel defeated before you start.  A clear desk means a clear mind and you will perform better in the work you do.
  10. Bring your work load up to date.  Do all those jobs you have been promising to do and your energy levels will soar.
Since you have worked your magic on my home, major positive changes have started to take place.  Thank you, Jackie for making such a difference to my life.”  Seema, South Woodford

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