About Electrosmog

Your home can be checked for Electrosmog hot spots. This service can be offered separately but would be included in a full Feng Shui consultation.

Emissions for electric and microwave radiation both inside and outside your home will be checked with specialist meters and advice will be given on how to practice ‘prudent avoidance’ and possible solutions recommended.

The most important areas to check are where you spend most of your time such as sitting watching TV or your sleeping areas.

Electrosmog computer and mobile phone radiation

If you are moving to a new home it is recommended that your new property is checked out to ensure there are no major concerns. A Feng Shui House Sale / Purchase check can be offered which will also include the detection and removal of Geopathic Stress.

Electrical Sensitivity

Electricity has only been used domestically for about 100 years and in great quantities since the 1950’s. This has triggered a condition known as ‘Electrical Sensitivity’. Those suffering from these conditions will experience adverse effects at power levels below those thought to have biological effect.

High electromagnetic fields (EMFs) along with high electric fields can be associated with serious health issues. Symptoms include headaches, tiredness, depression, epilepsy, behaviour changes in children, skin complaints and possibly cancer. Most at risk of Electrical Sensitivity are children, pregnant women and convalescents.

Typical sources of exposure from power frequency EMFs are:

  • Power lines
  • Electrical Substations
  • House Wiring
  • Mobile phones & DECT phones, WiFi and many standard electrical appliances

Reducing Electrosmog exposure from your mobile phone

Electrosmog electricity pylon

  • Use your phone only when necessary and keep calls short.
  • When you dial, hold the phone away from your body, as the phone uses maximum power until the call is connected.
  • Try not to hold the phone next to your eyes, breasts, testicles, kidneys, liver or abdomen if pregnant. Keep the phone away from your body (such as in a bag) when it is not in use.
  • If you have to keep it next to your body, put in a rear trouser pocket which will help keep it away from major organs, and try to make sure the antenna is on the outer side.
  • Using a mobile phone in a car or train traps the fields inside the metal frame of the vehicle, and should be avoided except in an emergency.

If you are not expecting a phone call, you can greatly reduce your exposure by having the phone switched off when you carry it around instead of just on standby, as your phone contacts the nearest mast every time you move into a different masts coverage and also checks regularly even when you are stationary – this contact is always made at the phone’s full power.

DECT cordless phones have the same technology as mobile phones and emit pulses of microwave radiation. Locate away from beds and preferred sitting areas.

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