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9 Star Ki is oriental in origin.  It is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world, originally used in Ancient China and more recently refined in Japan.

You can use 9 Star Ki to:-

  • Understand your personality.
  • Understand the character and behaviour of others.
  • Assess compatibility with others & improve relationships.
  • Find out what sort of career or occupation you might be most suited to.
  • Discover the best timing to do something important in your life. g. get married, move house, change job etc.


First Principle Number

Your first or principal number provides insight into your true inner (adult) nature.  It tells who you are on a deeper, spiritual level and is based on the nine year cycle.  This nature does not emerge until you have been through two cycles of 9 years (at 18) and emerge as an independent person.

Second Number

Your second number or character number provides insight into your emotional (child) nature.  It tells you about your emotions and the way you communicate (hence the most important in close relationships).

Third Number

Your third or energetic number provide insight into your outer (expressive) nature.  It tells you about how you do things and how you appear to others.  This 3rd. nature is not a true reflection of who you are, but is the nature people first see in you (the first impression you give).  Many close personal relationships fail because the initial attraction is based on the 3rd. outer nature and not the 1st or 2nd , with the true nature not emerging in the relationship for a number of years.

You will also learn about the 9 year cycle and find out why some years may be more challenging than others.  This allows you to plan for key events in your life.  Knowing this system can also help you understand why sometimes you may have a better relationship with certain people.  This is very useful when looking at family and friends and partner relationships.

This introduction to 9 Star Ki will give you an incite into how the system works.  To take part you will need access through zoom and supply your name and email details.  You will be sent information prior to the event so you can refer to on the day.  Maximum of 10 participants.


February 20
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Jackie Tyrrell
07790 232086
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