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Feng Shui Links

Useful Links

The Feng Shui Society – www.fengshuisociety.org.uk
All our registered practitioners have been through an extensive training, work to the Society’s code of ethics and have professional indemnity insurance.The professional association of feng shui consultants and teachers in the UK.

The Tree Room – www.the-tree-room.co.uk
The Tree Room studio provides an excellent resource for well-being through yoga for adults and children, holistic treatments, courses and workshops, and is also a great place for hosting children’s activities and parties! In addition to this there are 3 tranquil consultation / therapy rooms available for hire, each with their own individual character, offering a beautiful space to practice.

The Upminster Complementary Healing & Teaching Sanctuary – www.healingandteaching.co.uk
The Upminster Complementary Healing & Teaching Sanctuary is the dream child of Julia Massey. Julia, an experienced Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, created this self-contained therapy centre and its surrounding gardens as a centre of healing and learning, dedicated to the love and care of all its visitors. Set in rural surroundings within two major ley lines, it promotes a feeling of contentment and relaxation – a peaceful haven where clients can feel rejuvenated and restored.

The Natural Health Sanctuary – www.naturalhealthsanctuary.co.uk
Holistic Body Massage, Reiki, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Hopi Ear Candles, Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage, Natural Lift Facial Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage, Baby Massage, Meditation, Aromatherapy. Courses, Workshops & Events.

European College of Feng Shui – www.fengshui-college.org

Spirit Release Forum – www.spiritrelease.org
The Spirit Release Forum is a meeting place for those interested in exploring spirit release issues. This specifically relates to the nature of consciousness, with a particular reference into how spirit / soul operates through the mind and body and the therapeutic issues that arise when imbalances occur.

British Society of Dowsers – www.britishdowsers.org
The British Society of Dowsers offer a range of courses and training, and host a wide variety of meetings and activities centred on this ancient art. Our Journal, “Dowsing Today,” is published three times a year and circulated throughout our membership. We also publish an informative newsletter three times a year.

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