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Space Clearing

About Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the atmosphere change? Is there a room in your home where you feel uncomfortable? Energetically, everything that happens in a building, actions and emotions, ripples out like the effect of a stone dropped in a pond and becomes recorded in the walls, floors, furniture and objects, plants, animals and people.

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The build up of negative energy over a period of time will cause stagnation and blockages in the chi energy flow and in turn affect the health of the occupants and their lives.

For example, if you are not getting on well with your partner or you have difficulty in finding a partner, it may be down to stagnant chi affecting the relationship area of your home. This negative chi can also affect other life areas such as your health, career, good fortune, creativity and much more.

When a person is feeling stuck with some issue in life, or is having recurring arguments with their partner or family, it is usually possible to find a corresponding area in their living space with stuck energy. Once this energy is cleared the problem will start to resolve by giving the person a fresh start. Space Clearing is particularly effective when used in conjunction with conventional Feng Shui. The combination of these two processes gives many clients a life-transforming experience.

Space Clearing creates room for expansion, helping you to manifest what you want in life. This is because clearing the energy field in your living space and your aura allows clearer messages to be sent to the Universe, and because a space is created for something new to enter your life. It also helps clear out the past and helps you to be fully present in the here and now, giving you the best environment for spiritual growth.

Why do you feel it important to have your house cleansed every year?

I see it almost as a spring clean for the energy of my house and to ensure my whole family are able to rest properly at night and continue to be healthy for the coming year.

How does your home feel after a cleanse has been done?

My home always feels calm and serene, we all sleep very sound on that evening too.

Would you just say a few words about Jackie’s House Cleansing?

Many years ago I was drawn to seek alternative holistic methods for some ill health and fertility problems I was experiencing. I started having reiki with amazing results and went on to have two beautiful daughters. Whilst attending the clinic I was fortunate enough to meet Jackie on an open evening and I was fascinated to learn more about healing your environment as well as your own body and mind. At the time my husband was not sleeping well and was very anxious, my oldest daughter was not sleeping well and I felt generally drained despite going to bed early and always woke up tired. I was also Waking up between 3-4 am and found it hard to get back to sleep. When Jackie attended she picked up on various issues with activity that would make us unsettled in our home. After her visit we felt calm and slept so well and this has never been an issue since, hence why I keep up the house cleanse yearly. Jackie also gave me tips before my baby came as to good positioning of her cot to ensure baby slept soundly, which she has done from birth. I would highly recommend Jackie to anyone, she is a caring, reassuring and professional…….….Frances, Brentwood.

When should you consider Space Clearing?

  1. When you have moved into a new property
  2. To clear conflict in the home. After being burgled or robbed this can create a very negative feeling in the home.
  3. After physical or psychological illness. If a family member has been ill then the atmosphere in the home will be affected.
  4. After big life changes. Bereavements, separations, divorce or a change of job.
  5. To make a fresh start in life. Space Clearing is a good way to initiate new changes in your life.

Space Clearing raises and revitalises the energy in our own personal space and in doing so raises the quality of our lives. It promotes healing on a physical and emotional level and is a great remedy for tiredness and fatigue. It refreshes the space and is excellent to use in therapy rooms.

In hospitals it helps discharge the energy and psychic debris that builds up where people are constantly sick or dying which otherwise would affect an already weak and vulnerable person’s ability to recover. The uses of Space Clearing are infinite. If you have problems that may be caused by negative chi or even spirit activity then Space Clearing is a powerful technique for clearing and harmonising energy in your home or working environment.

There is a difference in my home, it’s much calmer. I was very relieved to have my house cleansed because I felt that it needed something to make it better…Ivy, Grays

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