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Workshops & Courses

Jackie teaches a variety of Feng Shui workshops & courses throughout the year at various venues

Jackie teaches a variety of Feng Shui workshops & courses throughout the year at various venues. Please take a look at the News page for workshop dates and contact Jackie for further details about the content of each of these workshops or for payment and booking information.

Feng Shui For Your Home 1 Day Workshop

Start your Feng Shui journey with this informative workshop. You will be inspired into making simple changes in your home that may help to improve your health, relationships & prosperity.

You will learn how influences such as clutter, Geopathic Stress, electro-magnetic fields and predecessor chi may be stopping you from getting on with your life and affecting the Feng Shui of your home. You will find out where your life areas are using the compass Bagua and learn how to support them using the elements, colour, artwork, cures & enhancements & much more. This is a great opportunity to gain an understanding of this wonderful subject and guide you towards living in harmony with your environment. You would be required to bring a floor plan of your home and a compass measurement which will be explained.

Space Clearing For Your Home 1 Day Workshop

This workshop will give you the knowledge to enable you to cleanse the energies in your home using a Space Clearing procedure which can often give immediate results. You will learn good practices and advice will be given on which tools to use and how to use them. We will be connecting to an angelic level for assistance so come with an open mind.

Space Clearing can revitalise the energy in your environment and help lift the atmosphere to help support your Feng Shui and the health of your home and family.

Introduction to 9 Star Ki Astrology 1 Day Workshop

9 Star Ki is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world and was originally used in Ancient China.

This introduction to 9 Star Ki will help you to:-

  • Understand your personality.
  • Understand the character and behaviuor of others.
  • Assess compatibility with others.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Discover the best timing to do something important in your life.

Introduction to Flying Stars (Fei Xing Pai) & Best Directions (Bazhai Pai) 1 Day Workshop

Following on from the Feng Shui For Your Home workshop, this introduction to Flying Stars will go deeper into the analysis of your home. It will help you analyse your environment using “Form Feng Shui” and we will look at the effect of the Flying Stars for the current period on your home. The aim is to see if your home is supporting you for health, relationships and prosperity. Best Directions will help you find out where your best locations and directions are for sleeping, sitting, working etc. so you can tap into the most favourable energy when needed.

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