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Feng Shui for your home can help with:


Feng Shui for your home can help with:

How Home Feng Shui Works

Our emotions and our behaviour can be altered by many external factors. The weather, seasons, colours and the cycles of the moon. A Feng Shui consultant recognises that the atmosphere, or chi of a building is able to influence our thoughts and feelings.

Feng Shui locates and corrects imbalances and blockages in the vital energy flow of your home. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, it might be that the energy of your home is stuck. A Feng Shui consultation will help improve the atmosphere and flow of energy in the home and create an environment in which a person can succeed and flourish.

A Home Feng Shui consultation includes:

  • A chat to find out what you would like to achieve and your objectives.
    You will be asked to complete a questionnaire to ascertain your priorities prior to the consultation along with dates of birth details for family members to provide a basis for accurate calculations
  • Placement of the Bagua on your floorplan with Luopan compass reading.
    You will be asked to provide an accurate house/office plan. This plan will be used to determine which areas of your home relate to which areas of your life.
  • A Dowsing survey of the property
    This will establish the presence – if any – lines or zones of harmful earth radiation (Geopathic Stress). Particular note will be taken of lines which affect areas where people spend a great deal of time, such as the bedroom or favourite armchair. If any Geopathic Stress is located, intervention is made to transform the lines and make them safe.
  • A check on electromagnetic fields within the property
    Checks will be made with a meter in areas where people spend a lot of time such as the bedroom. Advice will be given on how to reduce exposure.
  • A check for predecessor energy
    Space clearing may be required depending on the issues to be resolved. This will be established during the consultation.
  • Identify problems associated with clutter
    If the house is cluttered the ‘Chi’ will circulate sluggishly around. This can affect the occupants and stop them moving on in their lives. Advice will be given on the best way to tackle clutter in your home and how to establish a balanced flow of Chi throughout your environment.
  • Assessment of landscape influences
    How comfortable we are in our surroundings may be influenced by how the building fits into the landscape and the design of the neighbourhood. Advice will be given if your home/business is being affected by outside influences.
  • Assessment of symbolic imagery including artwork, ornaments, colour, decoration and lighting
  • Fei Xing Pai (Flying Star) analysis of the home with Feng Shui recommendations.
  • Bazhai Pai (Eight House School) analysis best directions for sleeping, sitting, working etc.
  • 9 Star Ki Astrology
    The astrology of the various members of the home may be considered. You can use 9 Star Ki to understand your personality, understand the character and behaviour of others and assess your compatibility with others.
  • Discussion of findings and implementation plan
  • A detailed written report of findings including recommendations and solutions
  • Back up Service

A follow up telephone/email service is provided for up to 3 months after your consultation

Jackie Tyrrell

Jackie Tyrrell is an accredited Feng Shui consultant and trained at The Feng Shui Academy. She is a member of the Feng Shui Society, a professional organisation of Feng Shui consultants and teachers in the UK

Jackie has undergone extensive training, works to the Feng Shui Society’s code of ethics and has professional indemnity insurance.


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