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Garden Feng Shui

Your garden can be a perfect retreat

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which can help us to live harmoniously with our environment. Feng Shui principles are usually applied to our home but it is advisable to also apply it to your garden, patio, balcony or back yard to revitalise your space in a natural way and bring harmony and happiness into your life.

Your garden can be a perfect retreat in the stressful times we live in and although you can have the perfect Feng Shui house, if it is not balanced with your garden your efforts will be wasted. The reason for this is because with an untidy garden you will not get free flowing Chi and it will stagnate and this stagnant Chi will end up in your home.

In the autumn you will find heaps of dead leaves in your borders and corners of the garden, broken flower pots and of course the usual collection of weeds. These all need to be cleared, broken flower pots replaced, lawns tidied, weeds pulled and a general tidy up.

Don’t forget the junk pile behind the shed or garage consisting of the things you thought might come in handy one day and also things you were going to fix like children’s toys and old bikes. If you have not fixed it by now it is time to let go. Get rid of all that junk or at least tidy it up, the same rules apply to your garden as they do your home.

A pond or water feature can bring good energy into a garden as long as it is moving and not stagnant. Water is associated with wealth and ‘Chi’ loves water as it encourages it to move more smoothly. As Feng Shui means ‘wind’ and ‘water’, sound is also important and the addition of wind chimes will also aid the flow of Chi. Always make sure the water is kept clean and if you have a leak fix it immediately as this will be a major drain on your finances.

There should be a place to eat and relax along with areas for intrigue and surprise. Create as many curves as you can and try to introduce the shape of a circle in to the garden. Round flowers, a pond in a circular shape or a circular flower bed would all work well.

Try to light up any dark areas by pruning back bushes or adding outdoor lighting and mirrors. Mirrors can be used to disguise and unpleasant view like a compost heap and they can also make the garden seem bigger.

A Garden Feng Shui consultation is a separate service and is recommended after a home consultation.

A Garden Feng Shui consultation includes:

  • An assessment of the client’s needs and issues
  • Placement of the Bagua on the garden plot to determine life areas
  • A dowsing survey to establish any lines of Geopathic Stress in the garden
  • Identify problems associated with clutter
  • Assessment of landscape and immediate environment to ensure your garden is not being affected by outside influences
  • Assessment of symbolic imagery, garden ornaments, water features, pathways, plants, lighting and colour
  • Discussion of findings and implementation plan
  • A detailed report of findings including recommendations and solutions
  • Back up Service
  • A follow up telephone/email service is provided for up to 3 months after your consultation

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