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Feng Shui FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ and is about creating the ideal environment in which to live and bring balance to our lives.
Your immediate environment – your home or the place where you work – may directly affect your life on many levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. A lot of people are unaware that their home or work place may be working for them or against them. If you want to improve any aspect of your life, simple adjustments may help you connect to the issues you would like to resolve– such as work/career, relationships, family, finances, health etc.
A Feng Shui consultant is someone who specialises in using the ancient art of Feng Shui to bring harmony to a space. It is important to check out the credentials of your potential consultant. Ask about his or her background and the type of Feng Shui they use as there are many schools of Feng Shui. It is also important to ensure they are registered with the Feng Shui Society as this ensures they are accredited and practise continuous personal development of the subject of Feng Shui. You must also feel comfortable speaking to the consultant you choose as you may need to discuss personal matters and be open about your life goals.
A Healthy Home Survey which is separate to a full Feng Shui consultation can be offered. A check on clutter issues, Electromagnetic Fields and detection and removal of Geopathic Stress including Space Clearing if necessary will help alleviate problems associated with Chi energy flow and produce a healthier environment. This service will take up to 2 hours.
I offer a service to remove Geopathic Stress either onsite or from any distance. I have had a good success rate with this. It is recommended that you have a full house cleanse along with Geopathic Stress removal. Please ask for details.
A consultation takes approximately 3-4 hours on site varying on the type of consultation and size of property. There will be additional working hours off site prior to and after the consultation to make calculations and prepare the report which will be sent by email. A Healthy Home consultation or a House Sale / New Home Check will take approximately 2 hours.
The first question I would ask you is “How would you like Feng Shui to help you?” A questionnaire will be sent and you will be required to send a floor plan of your property. There is no need to tidy but if you have any clutter issues it would be advisable to start addressing this first.
The cost of a Feng Shui consultation depends on the location and size of the property and whether you only need an Energy Cleanse / Healthy Home Survey to adjust energies in the home or if you require a full Feng Shui consultation. For a quote it would be advisable to have a chat first to determine what your needs are. Example fees are quoted under the Fees section and are in respect of a 3 bedroom property for either on site or remote consultations.
By changing the energies within your home Feng Shui can certainly produce a healthier environment in which to live. Feng Shui can also identify what is going on in your life and the adjustments that can be made so that you are in the best position to take on the challenges that come your way.
It all depends. Certain aspects might be improved almost immediately. For example, if you’re not sleeping well due to Geopathic Stress or Electromagnetic pollution and clear the clutter, you may notice the difference in the atmosphere of your home very quickly. With other improvements it might take some time. Feng Shui is not magic and the outcome cannot be guaranteed. However by activating the correct sectors of your home, and with a little help from Feng Shui you can work towards being in a position where you live in an environment with positive Chi.
I trained at the Feng Shui Academy and became an accredited practitioner in 2004. I feel it is important to practise continuous professional development and in recent years have added to my knowledge and skills by training with the European College of Feng Shui. Both professional courses are fully accredited by the Feng Shui Society. My approach to Feng Shui is intuitive and innovative and covers styles such as Xing Shi Pai (Form School Feng Shui), Bazhai Pai (Eight House School), Fei Xing Pai (Flying Star School), Eight mansions, Feng Shui Symbology, Geopathic Stress, Electro Magnetic Fields, Space Clearing, Dowsing. I also hold a teaching certificate (PTTLS) and teach workshops and give talks on Feng Shui.

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