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Feng Shui Astrology
9 Star Ki

About Feng Shui Astrology
9 Star Ki

9 Star Ki astrology is oriental in origin and based on the I Ching. It is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world, originally used in ancient China and more recently refined in Japan.

9 Star Ki astrology takes it name from the original concept that 9 key stars had the most influence on human chi. At the outer edges of the 9, Vega represented the more yin quality, whilst Polaris, was more yang and was associated with the fiery sun. The Ursa Major constellation (the Great Bear) lies between the two and was in ancient times used as a compass pointing to different directions as the year progressed.

9 Star Ki astrology offers you a new set of tools with which to map your life and negotiate the challenges that lie ahead.

Sunest and bridge You can use 9 Star Ki to:-

  1. Understand your personality.
  2. Understand the character and behaviour of others.
  3. Assess compatibility with others.
  4. Improve your relationships.
  5. Analyse career suitability.
  6. Discover the best timing to do something important in your life. E.g. get married, move house, change job etc
  7. Avoid travelling or moving in unfavourable directions

To understand who you are in 9 Star Ki astrology, you have a three number Ki calculated from your date of birth.

Your first or Principal Number provides insight into your true inner (adult) nature. It tells you about who you are on a deeper spiritual level, and is based on the nine year cycle. This nature does not emerge until you have been through two cycles of 9 years (at 18) and emerge as an independent person.

Your second or Character Number provides insight into your emotional (child) nature. It tells you about your emotions and the way you communicate.

Your third or Energetic Number provides insight into your outer (expressive) nature. It tells you about how you do things and how you appear to others. This 3rd nature is not a true reflection of who you are but is the nature people first see in you (the first impression you give). Many close personal relationships fail because the initial attraction is based on the 3rd outer nature and not the 1st or 2nd, with the true nature not emerging in the relationship for a number of years.

Understanding where you are in your nine year cycle.

Every hour, day month and year has its own Ki and this blends with your own to subtly influence your moods and behaviour. Understanding the system means that although you can’t change things, you can plan ahead and chose the best times to do important things in order to use the Ki to your advantage rather than fighting against the flow. It is more practical to focus on the yearly and monthly cycles so as to not get the whole thing out of proportion.


You would not uproot a plant, move it to another part of the country or world and re-plant it, without taking into account the energy of the seasons, and expect it to flourish – would you? Sometimes you may be lucky but other times the plant will wither and die. By understanding the prevailing energies in different directions at different times you too will have a better chance of surviving and flourishing if you make a decision to move home.

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