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Feng Shui for Buying and Selling a Home

Buying property and Feng Shui

When you move it is recommended that you have your new property checked for Geopathic Stress and it would also be beneficial to Space Clear your new home to ensure that there is no negative energy lingering from the previous owners.

It is useful to know the history of the home and its previous occupants. Were they healthy and happy? Is there a history of debt, death or divorce? Energy lingering from predecessors in a home will have an effect on others who subsequently live there. Often happy couples move into a new home only for their relationship to deteriorate, before discovering that the previous occupants were divorced or had relationship difficulties.

Other people have found that after moving into a new home they have felt uncomfortable and that their health suddenly deteriorates and their previously happy family becomes miserable.

Space Clearing harmonises and neutralises the energy in a house and along with the removal of any Geopathic Stress will ensure a fresh start in your new home.

A Feng Shui consultation on your new home will include an assessment of electro-magnetic fields in the property. The most important areas to check are where you spend most of your time such as sitting watching TV and your sleeping areas. The emissions from electric and microwave radiation both inside and outside your house will be checked with specialist meters. This is recommended if your new home is near an electric sub-station, overhead pylons and mobile phone masts.

Tips on Buying a New Property

Research the history of the area and ask questions about the property. Have the family been happy? Are they moving onto bigger and better things? Has the property changed hands frequently over the years?

Are the nearby properties well maintained? Chat to prospective neighbours.

Does the building show signs of damp, deterioration, any musty smells etc (may be a sign of Geopathic Stress)

Does the back garden slope away from the house (could cause problems with losing wealth).

Is the property protected at the back and supported either side. (This could be another building or trees)

Is it in a cul de sac? (Properties at the end will suffer from very slow chi flow and people can be stuck in certain areas of their lives). Remedies such as moving water or garden windmills would help the chi to flow.

Check to see if there is a cemetery, railway, wind turbine or sewage works nearby as these could cause instability to chi flow.

Buy a property that feels right for you. Be careful, pause and reflect.

Selling Property and Feng Shui

Feng Shui could be beneficial if you find that your home is taking longer to sell than expected. Certain homes have problems that can put off buyers. By using Feng Shui you would be able to identify problems which may put off prospective buyers and simple changes would be recommended to make the house more saleable.

When viewing a potential house have you ever had an uneasy feeling as you crossed the threshold or walked into a particular room? This could be down to Geopathic Stress, a harmful earth energy and even if the home seems perfect in every other way, the feeling that something is not quite right could put house buyers off. Houses badly affected by Geopathic Stress come on the market more often than houses which have none or very little stress.

The removal of Geopathic Stress from a home along with space clearing and clutter clearing will lift the atmosphere and make the property more desirable. Making a good impression both inside and outside your home is very important so other practical improvements such as tidying the garden, cleaning windows, refreshing the paintwork/decoration and making necessary repairs will all increase your chances of a successful house sale.

Tips on Selling your Home

Clear the clutter

Recruit a friend with fresh eyes to give you direction on any changes and redecoration that needs to be made.

Is everyone emotionally ready to let go of the home? Set your intention as to what you wish to happen.

The Red Envelope

Place a piece of your kitchen (flake of plaster, splinter of wood) into a red envelope along with a letter thanking your home for the support it has given you throughout the years and wishing the new people well for the future.

Go to a nearby river and throw your red envelope in with intention. If it flows smoothly away with no restrictions then your moving should go well and all will be ok. If it gets stuck then there may be more work to do or someone has not let go emotionally to the property yet.

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