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H.S. London

“I wanted to send a “big thank you” for my recent space clearing you did remotely for my home. Why would anyone let a lockdown get in the way?

It was so important for me to listen to my instincts and find a way to support my growth and path for the year ahead. It was very simple to organise and the results feel fantastic. Jackie asked me a few questions on the phone and she completely reassured me how she would do this, then you agree on a date and time. Once the remote space clearing is finished you are asked to refocus on your intentions.

The whole experience is enjoyable, comfortable, and uplifting. I decided to have this done as I just felt I needed a refresh. The results for my home are feeling more supportive, lighter, and vibrant. As it turns out, I did have a few blocks and with Jackie’s trusted help and experience, my home feels more grounded for me to create and work on my future life plans.”

P Elliott

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my Feng Shui project of re-decorating my home and working with Jackie has been absolutely amazing!  Not only is Jackie super efficient, she is knowledgeable and has provided me with an excellent and very supportive service as I learnt more about the principles of Feng Shui.  I absolutely love my home, love the energies and I wake up every morning, just knowing how grateful I am.  So thank you Jackie for an amazing service!”

Testimonials for Jackie's Work as a Feng Shui Consultant

After you came in and did our consultation, I applied all the cures – within 2 months C…… was offered his dream job.

So he has been doing this now for 3 yrs. and got promoted last year July (AMAZING) Well done x J.P.


“I met you at the Rayleigh Mill on 1st Feb, I had a lovely chat with you at your stand and I wanted you to know you really inspired me on that day. Since February 1st I have been learning more and more about feng shui, I have been decluttering my house, bit by bit, not a quick process, I am really putting a lot of effort into it. I took on board everything you told about geopathic stress, I have been watching lots of Feng Shui videos on you tube, I have so far finished my wealth area, it is looking fantastic. I told my friend about it, she did exactly what I told her to do, within two weeks her husband came home and told her he had been given a 12k bonus! And a pay rise !!! They cannot believe how quick it works. It had been two weeks since she had bought her little toad with the coin in, and her husband had been putting the coin back in every morning. It is amazing isn’t it! I am so pleased I spoke to you at the Rayleigh MBS, you have no idea what an effect you had on me. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to talk to me. You were so busy on the day but you was so kind in giving me information so freely and you come across as such a genuine person. I will definitely be doing a course with you in the near future”


“So I tidied up the closet a little in the ‘life’s journey’ area and hung a crystal in the door to reflect the light a bit. I also had some nice, clean looking blinds installed in the bedroom window next door where previously I had bin bags taped to the glass (!)

Since then the following has happened:
a) My boss gave the approval for me to attend a legal conference in Munich this summer – a great networking opportunity for me and not a small thing either as my boss is a very, er, difficult person.
b) I have a short phone interview next week with a pharmaceutical company for a compliance position.

I am also giving a bit more attention to the missing relationship area of my flat (which is my patio). I hung a rose quartz at the window and ordered some nice plants for outside.

The legal conference that I am attending in Munich will also be attended by my partner, so that sort of kills two birds with one stone. It will be a great networking opportunity for him as well as he’s looking to move to Europe. These might not seem that significant to others, but to me this represents a huge leap forwards. Thank you!!”

F.R. Harlow

“We are doing great. We are all maintaining good health. Work is flowing nicely. I think we are well on our way to being millionaires thanks to you. I have seen so many good changes since you have been. I am certainly sleeping better. My daughter is now going to school everyday and we are so much more positive and happier with the little things in life.”

Pam, Chelmsford

“Just a quick note to say thanks for de-stressing my home. Call it coincidence or call it Feng Shui, soon after you came I got a job! Many thanks for your help.”

Melody, Colchester

“Just to update you on the removal of the Geopathic Stress. I am definitely sleeping better now, the weird feelings I used to experience as I tried to sleep have disappeared.”

Terry, Romford

“Thank you so much for your recent visit in which you cleared the Geopathic Stress lines you found running through my lounge. I must say that whatever you did has worked wonders and now I can enjoy a peaceful nap on my settee without waking up feeling absolutely drained.”

Ivy, Grays

“There is a difference in my home, it’s much calmer. I was very relieved to have my house cleansed because I felt that it needed something to make it better.”

Lorraine, Purfleet

“Soon after Jackie removed the Geopathic Stress from my home I noticed an improvement. After many disturbed nights with vivid dreams & nightmares, my son now sleeps very well in his own bed and the atmosphere in my home is so much better.”

Testimonials for Feng Shui Workshops

Andrea, Hornchurch

“I thoroughly enjoyed the astrology course. It was truly fascinating, interesting and I would say the character descriptions were pretty accurate! Jackie is a lovely lady and I must say she presented the information in a very relaxed, clear and friendly manner as well as giving very good, in-depth explanations. Jackie also gave us plenty of excellent supplementary information/reading to take away with us which I think is really beneficial as it can serve as a useful recap on certain topics long after the course has finished. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Jackie”.


“I really appreciated your welcome and venue and thoroughly enjoyed the course As a testimony, I will encourage anybody who want to know about the 9 Star Ki to come to your course as it is clear, sufficiently detailed and very well presented and delivered. I now start to do people numbers , always telling them that it has to be used for understanding. I myself, will follow your advice and attempt to understand my husband better, even if I am more incompatible with him than his other partners/wives!”

Anne, London

“I recently attended Jackie’s 9 star Ki astrology workshop. It was fascinating, very well taught and thorough. Jackie took the time to make sure each person understood their own numbers and astrology readings and also that they understood enough to do their own readings for friends and family. I was amazed how accurate it was! Jackie also supplied excellent teaching materiel for reference later. I enjoyed it very much and would highly recommend any of Jackie’s course to anyone interested in Feng Shui or astrology, thank you.”


“I thought the workshop was very good. It gave a basic understanding for the novice but with enough constructive information to be understandable without being overwhelming. The folder and information allow the student to take away and put into practice after the day. I have already started on my home and will keep referring back to my folder from time to time. I can also see friends and family wanting help to look at theirs. Brilliant day. Thank you very much.”

Jo, Essex

“It was a fantastic day!! I would like to say that I thought Jackie was excellent, very approachable and obviously very knowledgable on her subject. All in all, a great introduction to Feng Shui. I have been reading the books for years, however 5 hours with Jackie and some of it has actually stuck.”

Marilyn, Essex

“I came home feeling really inspired to clear out the clutter in my home. I really enjoyed the workshop and I thought the day had a lovely atmosphere. Jackie taught the class really well and the handouts were great and really informative.”

Jo Barnard, You-Time, South Woodham Ferrers

“Jackie’s Introduction to Feng Shui workshop was informative, thorough and inspiring. Not only did we come away with lots of useful information for future reference, we also got to produce a grid of our own homes, making the day much more personal to each individual. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone with an open mind who wants to enhance their lives with good intentions.”

Ann Laing

“I recently attended a Feng Shui workshop run by Jackie Tyrell of Feng Shui Pathway and I have to say I found it enlightening. I went to the workshop with no knowledge at all about Feng Shui so I didn’t know what to expect, but Jackie, with her years of experience and expertise, made some very difficult concepts easy to grasp.

Her explanations coupled with the tools provided in the workshop gave me real understanding of how Feng Shui works, the history behind it, and how to use it to make improvements to my home environment and life. Her patience and guidance allowed us to practice aspects of Feng Shui for ourselves and I particularly found the dowsing for geopathic stress amazing!

Jackie is an inspiring teacher and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her workshops and courses to anyone interested in Feng Shui. Jackie, it is an absolute pleasure to know you.”

Fiona, Hadleigh

“I recently attended a Feng Shui workshop run by Jackie who is truly passionate about her subject and very approachable. She always found a clear way of answering any questions raised and made the day very relaxed. I found it very informative with a natural flow to the material. Jackie provided a folder covering the content of the course and exercises for us to work through during the day and advice for improvements we can make when we get back home. I would thoroughly recommend Jackie’s workshop to anyone interested in learning about Feng Shui, a very enlightening day.”

Sheena Cundy, Bradwell on Sea

“I found Jackie’s Feng Shui workshop a most enjoyable experience. It was informative and enlightening with the right balance of theory and practice. Jackie certainly knows her subject and delivered it with confidence in the most grounded way with good explanations and clarity.

Not only were we supplied with a folder (to keep) with all the information from the workshop but Jackie presented us all with a ‘Money plant’ to take home with us which was very kind.

For me, it has certainly reinforced my understanding of energy and how influenced we are by its effects in our lives, especially in our homes!!

I would heartily recommend this workshop with Jackie for anyone who has an interest in the fascinating subject of Feng Shui and wants to learn more.”

Jo, Chelmsford

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day, for several reasons. I loved taking the day out to concentrate on my life direction and where I needed to tweak it, this was very valuable time spent in the busy life I and my family lead. I came away from the day feeling energised for the future and willingly able to find energy for the areas of my life I wanted to concentrate on. I also liked the one at a time life area mantra – to break aspects of my life down helped identify where my energy was required.

I liked the mixture of events that occurred, ie classroom, style, dowsing, fire ceremony it meant the day was exciting and I learnt more than I expected.

I identified and enjoyed your style of teaching, it was calm, warm and knowledgeable. You gave detail where required but also recognised we could read / research out of the course which enabled us to cover a lot of ground which was great.”


“Dear Jackie, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely workshop and for making everything so easy to understand and user friendly !! I left yesterday feeling so much more enlightened than trying to get my head around internet notes and missing the point by miles!. I’d also like to say that the things you had for sale are so much more affordable than previous workshops I’ve been to. I’m looking forward to the 9 Star Ki and any other workshops you have to advance and increase my knowledge of this fascinating subject. Best wishes,”


“Do you remember the last time we messaged and I told you about my husband losing his job and my son wasn’t happy at sixth form and my daughter was looking for a job too to help fund her university fees. Well about a week after I had finished clearing out the career area and adding some cures, my son got a call for an apprenticeship, they pay double the going rate for apprenticeships and have great job prospects. He went for an interview and got the job. So he left sixth form and just at the young age of 17 he now has a pension, medical cover and a decent apprentice wage. More importantly of all he loves it and has made lots of new friends.

My daughter was offered a job too, at the university. She really enjoys it, pays her bills and she has flexible hours which is perfect for her university studies. And the big one is the fact that my husband got offered a job and started last week. It is so much better than the job he had before, the people are nice and they look after their staff. So we are back on track with our lives, feeling happier and healthier, All thanks to you Jackie and Feng Shui, Feng Shui is amazing, I am totally convinced it works.”

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